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The Leafdose allows to make both a sachet and a leaflet at once, in...

This ampoule made by Seriplast holds no secret for ACP, which has the...

The most famous 4 sides sealed sachet, which can be made in various...

About ACP

Taking care of your products, and providing you a complete range of high quality services: this is our job. ACP, from your sample to your retail product, offers all kinds of filling: liquid, thick, powder, from less than 1mL to 1L. We intend to be more than a supply, we will be a partner who will aim for mututal benefit and producing qualitative goods in conformity with your needs.

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  • Bulk

    ACP will have a new 2 Tons bulk mixer, right at the begining of 2017, in order to offer you a wider service.