Behave honnestly and with transparency

Our Commitments towards customers

We think our primary responsability is towards the final consumer. Despite our position as a contract manufacturer, we need to provide a qualitative product, easy to use, safe and sane.

As a subcontractor, we insure the good image of our customers. The quality of our product must closely match this image. We are responsible for bulks and all articles provided and must guarantee their safety for all the time they go through our sites.

We commit to provide the best possible service to our customers, respond them in reasonnable time, and offer prices according to the reality of the market.

Commitments towards our employees

We are responsible towards our personnel. We respect the women and the men who work for us, and give recognition to their work. They must feel safe, their reward should be fair, and their environment should be as clean and nice as possible.

Our employees must feel free to express themselves, to compliment, to suggest, or to highlight a problem. Our recruitments, internal promotions, job developments, must be impartial, fair, without any distinction of sex or race, and must reward qualification, motivation and efficiency. We must have a fair and ethical management.

Commitments towards the environment

We are responsible towards the environment, towards the future of the Earth. We are careful with our waste sorting, pay particular attention to water and power consumption, and we recycle the heat created by our industrial equipments.

Commitments towards our suppliers

We are responsible towards our suppliers, with whom we have an ethical behaviour, and develop long-term relationships. We commit to pay our bills in time according to the legislation, and to encourage competitivity, quality, customer service, and innovation.

Commitments towards the Enterprise

We are responsible towards ourselves and our shareholders, as an enterprise whose ultimate goal is developing itself. This means profit. It allows to develop new products, create jobs, invest in equipments and improve the existing ones in order to stay competitive on the market and insure the durability of the company.